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Thursday, 23 October 2014 00:00

CORUN and GEELY Jointly Creates the Unique National-Level Platform of CATARC Hybrid System in China


On October 23rd, CORUN and GEELY signed official cooperation agreement at the opening ceremony of 2014 China (Changsha) Fair of Research Findings Commercialization. The technology platform of domestic ''China Automotive Technology and Research Center'' CATARC Hybrid System (CHS for short) joint-ventured by both parties shall be founded. CHS program is initiated by CORUN and GEELY, including 51% investment from CORUN and 49% investment from GEELY, both of which found a joint venture company depending on their advantages in automobile power battery, management system and automotive electronic transmission system. This program which creates a national-level research and development platform of hybrid power in China and fills in the blank of adopting power shunting to realize strong-mixing in domestic hybrid system exerts a far-reaching influence on the promotion of China's energy saving and new-energy automobile industry.


After five years' elaborate research, CORUN and GEELY have jointly developed and built CATARC Hybrid System (CHS), which has solved technological difficulties of Hybrid Power Automobile, depending on both parties' advantages in research, design and manufacture of vehicle-mounted power battery, power battery energy management system, and automotive electronic transmission system. This system has successfully solved the hybrid technical patent barrier of Toyota and possessed its completely proprietary intellectual property rights.

CHS is a core part of hybrid electric automobile. Both engine power distribution and electrical power coupling are realized through CATARC Hybrid System, which has been far ahead of domestic products and most foreign products in system construction, transmission type, hybrid degree, and oil saving efficiency. Its energy conservation and emission reduction as well as user experience are close to the most advanced world level. Its overall oil consumption is below 5 liter/100KM and the overall rate of oil saving reaches 35%. With its overall technology reaching international leading level, the system has been applied to hybrid electric automobile as GEELY EMGRAND and so on. The second generation of CHS technology of 2017 will reach a rate of oil saving of more than 40% and will rapidly catch up with the most advanced technology of the same kind in the world; furthermore, the second generation of product that catches the industry's attention will be launched before long. CATARC Hybrid System (CHS) reaches a rate of oil saving of more than 40%. At initial stage, consumers add a cost of about 30, 000 Yuan, and at later stage, consumers add a cost of 20,000 Yuan, with a warranty of three years or 150,000 km. The extra cost that higher than that of common automobile could be balanced in oil saving. Besides, it owns a longer traveled distance and is more convenient.

(CEO of Corun and CEO of Geely signing contract)

CATARC Hybrid System (CHS) owns the leading technological level in the world and completely proprietary intellectual property rights. It's the first set of hybrid system with single mode import and hybrid power shunting in the world. So far, it has possessed 3 international patents for invention and 32 domestic patents. This technology can not only be applied to hybrid power but also to plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle, covering special vehicles as passenger vehicles, coaches, engineering vans, and tanks and so on.

Zhejiang GEELY HOLDING GROUP, as the largest privately operated automobile enterprise in China, was founded in 1986 and entered into automobile industry in 1997. Over the years, it has been focusing on industrial operation, technological innovation and talent cultivation. Meanwhile, it has been actively engaged in the research and development of CATARC Hybrid System (CHS) and has achieved rapid progress. As a national innovative enterprise and whole-vehicle export base enterprise, it has been ranked in Global 500 for three consecutive years.

CORUN, a leading enterprise producing hybrid vehicle battery and energy pack with global top level, ranks the third in the world and clearly ahead in China. CORUN, as the main production base of China's automobile power battery, owns China's first automatic production line of Ni-MH automobile power battery, which has been completely blended in the supply chain system of world first-class companies as Toyota and Honda and so on; CORUN is the largest manufacture of Nickle foam battery material in the world and the largest manufacturing enterprise of power battery anode material in China. Besides, it owns the only national engineering research center in the industry.

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