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Battery Research & Development Patents and Awards

Corun has established its own research and development centers to ensure continuous innovation in the battery industry.

Battery Industry Experts

This world-class team includes 12 Ph.D.’s, 54 Masters and more than 120 technical and management personnel, comprising the brightest minds in the industry. In addition to developing the core technologies for producing Ni-Mh batteries, to date they have recorded 23 patents related to the production of batteries and battery materials.

Patents & Accreditations

Continuous Band-shaped Nickel Foam Patent


High Intensity and Ultra Intense Binding Force Nickel Foam Patent


Laboratory Accreditation

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate 

  LabAccredCert1 LabAccredCert2 LabAccredCert3

LabAccredCert6 LabAccredCert7 LabAccredCert15

Member of the Association of Inventions

 Member Assctn Inventions

Metal Foam Materials Technology Patents

 MetalFoamMtlTechPnts1 MetalFoamMtlTechPnts2 MetalFoamMtlTechPnts3

MetalFoamMtlTechPnts4 MetalFoamMtlTechPnts4 MetalFoamMtlTechPnts6

Other Patents

 OtherPatents1 OtherPatents2

The Highest Quality

Advanced product performance and reliability are the two main objectives at Corun. To accomplish this, we have established a set of quality management systems that meet or exceed international standards. With Corun, you can always expect products of the highest quality.


 CorunAwards1 CorunAwards2


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